Men’s Therapy

The tough male persona our modern society portrays does a disservice to men. We become convinced that men are all resilient, able to “pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps,” and need no help from anyone, ever. Sadly, this is far more Hollywood than real life. Men and women alike are human; many of us are somewhat broken or dysfunctional. 

Men’s Therapy from Tri-Star Counseling seeks to remove the stigma around men needing mental health assistance. We provide real tools that help men cope with the challenges in every stage of life. A man’s life can suck at times, but you can face it and overcome every obstacle with confidence and strength. 

What Is It About Men Avoiding Therapy Anyway?

Sadly, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports that men are 3.9 times as likely to commit suicide than women. This is primarily because men are less likely to seek help for mental health struggles. Is it all about that Hollywood independent persona? Yes and no. There are many reasons why men avoid seeking help from medical or mental health professionals. 

  • Social acceptance: Men fear the potential shame (from the inside) and judgment (from the outside) if their mental health struggles become known. 
  • Gender identities: Men fear looking weak in front of others as if this is in some way less “manly.” 
  • Difficulty expressing emotions. Men may struggle to verbalize or share their feelings with others, especially a stranger. 
  • Self-perception: Some men dislike any idea or suggestion that they need to depend on therapy or medicine to function or be happy. They see themselves as less than they want to be. 

Most men don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment for a physical injury and even proudly show off their scars. However, the mental injuries we incur and resulting scars too often remain hidden and untreated, making our lives worse. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

What Can I Expect from Men’s Therapy at Tri-Star Counseling?

Our therapists are friendly, funny, and supportive. They are talented at making people feel at ease and let their guard down. One of our goals is to normalize mental health therapy across Appalachia for men and others in need. What can you expect when you come to Tri-Star Counseling for men’s therapy?

  1. Straight Talk: Men want the facts. Your therapist will develop a comfortable relationship while establishing an open, honest dialogue. This open communication that pulls no punches creates trust. “Are you ready to get it together?” is an often-heard mantra at our practice. Get ready for straight talk without confusing rhetoric.
  2. Professional Credentials: Our therapists are trained and licensed social workers with backgrounds in Human Services, Trauma Treatment, Clinical Substance Use Counseling, Child Welfare, Addiction Therapies, and more.
  3. Strong Ethics: Men respect others who stand for something and adhere to a code of ethics. Even someone we disagree with is respected if he or she stands for what they believe in. Our therapists’ strict personal and professional ethics code shape our care for and attitudes toward everyone. Visit the About Us page to review our therapists’ treatment philosophies.
  4. Clear Goals: Men want real solutions for their problems with a way to measure progress. It’s our “conquer” gene hard-wired in our psyche. Your therapist will teach you tools to use for combatting depression and set goals with you for the next steps. But prepare to be held accountable – something else men want. Get ready to move forward and feel better!

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