Connecting Vulnerability with Power: A Guide for Men

Truly powerful men are vulnerable. Plain and simple. Read on to find out why.

Topic Of Discussion

As cultural discussions of vulnerability in men have increased, so has the potential for confusion and conflicting ideas surrounding the topic:

  • Is “vulnerability” just the latest therapy buzzword, bound to be replaced with something else by next week? 
  • Is vulnerability code for “weakness?” 
  • Does vulnerability even matter for busy men focused on being providers and caretakers? Isn’t it just a distraction?  

In all three cases…it’s basically the opposite. Still not convinced? That’s okay. Keep reading.

Vulnerability = clarity

Some men may associate vulnerability with confusing rhetoric, and that’s totally fair! As discussions of therapy for men have increased in popularity, so have various opinions and “buzzwords” on the topic. But vulnerability itself isn’t a buzzword – it’s just clear, time-tested language to express a feeling. See the feelings wheel, where “vulnerability” sits with a lot of other words you might use in everyday conversations. 

Vulnerability is just a simple feeling. No more.

Vulnerability = power

If you look at where vulnerability falls on the feelings wheel, it’s easy to debunk another myth about men’s vulnerability: vulnerability doesn’t equal weakness. Consider this: 

    • On the feelings wheel, weakness = fear
  • Vulnerability = sadness

And before you worry about feeling sad…not only is it okay for men to feel sad sometimes, it’s crucially important! Only through sadness now and then can men identify its opposite emotion…happiness! And what’s connected to happiness on the feelings wheel? 

  • Happiness = power

Vulnerability and weakness just don’t add up. Vulnerability and power do.

Vulnerability = responsibility and opportunities

Still, good men might think being vulnerable distracts from responsibilities to provide and care for their families and others. This is where seeing vulnerability as power switches the script in an essential way. Being able to express vulnerability empowers men to improve and advance relationships at home, at work, and wherever else leadership opportunities might arise.

Powerful men are vulnerable. Plain and simple.

Wrapping it up 

Still having trouble tapping into your vulnerable side? Here at Tri-Star Counseling, we specialize in therapy for men. Men’s Therapy from Tri-Star Counseling seeks to remove the stigma around men needing mental health assistance. We provide real tools that help men cope with the challenges in every stage of life. A man’s life can suck at times, but you can face it and overcome every obstacle with confidence and strength. Schedule an appointment today.

Brent Metcalf, LCSW

Photo by Nathan McDine on Unsplash

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