Anger Management

Losing control in anger has devastating consequences for you and those around you. When anger gets the upper hand, even those you love live in fear and anxiety. Anger is a powerful and valid emotion that can be positively channeled for good – but it takes knowing how to control it. Anger out of control is like a raging fire that consumes everything it touches. 

At Tri-Star Counseling, we understand the toll that uncontrolled anger can take on your well-being and those around you. We teach you how and help you identify the causes of your anger and learn to improve your relationships as you get better at controlling anger responses. Our compassionate, licensed therapists guide you on your journey to anger management and help you achieve lasting transformation.

Do I Have an Anger Problem?

Do you wonder if you could have an anger problem? Many excuse a bad temper as being in their genes or some other rationalization to simply brush it off. However, uncontrolled anger could damage your relationships. 

  • Do you find it challenging to control your temper?
  • Have you experienced negative consequences as a result of your anger outbursts?
  • Is your anger causing strain in your relationships?
  • Do you have difficulty negotiating or coming to an agreement with others calmly?
  • Do angry feelings linger for a long time?
  • Are you tired of feeling regretful and guilty after losing control?
  • Do you want to break the cycle of anger and create healthier communication patterns?
  • Are you ready to regain control of your emotions and find inner peace?
  • Do you want to learn effective techniques to manage anger in a healthy way?

The trained and understanding therapists at Tri-Star Counseling are here to help you explore ways to manage your anger.

Why Do I Get So Angry?

People react differently to stimuli. Things that make one person angry don’t affect others at all. Interpreting things in a way that results in anger is not wrong. Explosive, uncontrolled anger is what causes harm. What are some reasons you get so angry? 

Your Background and Upbringing 

Our upbringing influences our coping mechanisms for many things. What we witnessed and understood to be normal shapes how we act. Watching authority figures react with terrible anger leaves an impression and, in a sense, gives us permission to do the same. Past experiences can also shape how we react. Past traumas, abuses, or racism can cause our anger to boil over, especially if we were unable to show our anger at the time of the events. 

Your Current Circumstances 

Worry, stress, grief, injustice, discrimination, financial struggles, disagreements, and more can trigger anger. Pent-up anger over chronic issues can boil over in an explosive event where we don’t even recognize ourselves. 

Your Health and Well-Being

Your health can contribute to problems controlling anger. Pain, hormonal changes, and some mental health issues can transform us into an angrier person. Our sense of well-being is different or threatened, and we don’t know how to cope with the changes. 

Kingsport Anger Management with Tri-Star Counseling

Our trained and certified therapists know that anger and volatility are not conducive to healthy living and relationships. We work to help you find balance in experiencing anger and expressing it in healthier ways. Anger management therapy at Tri-Star Counseling in Kingsport focuses on the following. 

  • Exploring your anger 
  • Identifying your triggers 
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Controlling stress
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Social skills interventions 
  • Communication techniques 
  • Conflict resolution techniques 

Our therapists provide a safe place to explore your emotions and learn to deal with them positively. Anger can motivate and empower us when channeled properly. Instead of being the ogre in the room just waiting to explode that others tiptoe around, you can become the strong, calm, and confident person everyone wants to be around.

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