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Hi, I'm Brent Metcalf, LCSW

I am a friendly, funny, supportive therapist who can help you rise above what you are going through. I care for those experiencing high stress, excessive worry, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

What makes me different? I make almost anyone feel at ease. People tell me that they can let their guard down around me. 


Hi, I'm Latonia (Tonia) Collie, LMSW

I am an empathetic, compassionate, and comedic individual. I care for those dealing with stress, worry, difficulty dealing with life changes, grief, and feeling overwhelmed in navigating the shifting gears of life.

What makes me different: I am one of a kind for sure. I operate on a high frequency, but at the same time possess a calming and nurturing effect. I honor the individuals I spend time with in session by building rapport and offering emotional and social support. I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Katie Metcalf

Hi, I'm Katie Metcalf, LMSW

As a master’s level social worker and therapist, I blend professional expertise with personal experience to guide teens and women in self-discovery and empowerment. Using methods like CBT and ACT, I focus on enhancing strengths and promoting well-being in a relaxed, nonjudgmental setting. My goal is to empower clients to lead fulfilling lives true to themselves.

Katie T. Pic

Hi, I'm Katie Thornton, Admin Assistant

My love for helping people brought me to Tri-Star, where I now serve as the Admin Assistant. This means I support all new and current clients in the practice. So whether it is helping you schedule appointments, assisting you with billing questions, or any other needs that you have, I am here and ready to support you in your healing journey!  

Let Us Help You Soar!

Tri-Star Counseling was established to serve clients in our local area and across Tennessee and Virginia with quality, affordable in-person and telehealth mental health services. We meet our clients where they are with person-centered, compassionate care and therapy services.

Why Choose Tri-Star Counseling?

Everyone faces challenges in life, and we often need help. There is no shame in getting therapy to help us out of the ruts of life. Tri-Star Counseling brings professional and compassionate therapy to help everyone with combinations of strategies that provide real solutions. We accept referrals from many Tri-Cities area providers and several insurance plans. Unparalleled support, ready smiles and positivity, availability, evening appointments, and easy access to our Colonial Heights office are some of the top reasons our clients return to us repeatedly.

Hear From Our Clients

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"Tri-Star Counseling has been a lifesaver during a tough time. The team's compassion and personalized approach made all the difference. I highly recommend for anyone seeking transformative mental health support. I am so grateful that I found them!"
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"Brent is an amazing therapist! I highly recommend utilizing brainspotting with him. Definitely worth checking out Tri-Star!!"
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"Tri-Star Counseling is phenomenal! You will not be disappointed I promise!"

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