Ho-Ho-Hold on to You: Chill Tips for a Happy Holiday Rush

Hold onto your sanity (and your joy!) this holiday season! Learn chill tips to navigate the festive frenzy, from digital detox delights to silly snowball fights with friends. Jingle all the way to peace & cheer! ❄️
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The holidays. A time for joy, family, and…stress? Yep, those twinkling lights and cheerful carols can quickly morph into a whirlwind of to-do lists, social obligations, and financial strain. Amid the merry mayhem, one crucial thing often gets neglected: you.
At Tri-Star Counseling, we’re urging you to make self-care your top priority this holiday season. Because when your cup is full, you can truly savor the magic and share it with others. So, let’s ditch the guilt and explore some ways to sprinkle some “me-time” into your festive schedule.

Unplug and Unwind

  • Escape the digital blizzard: Swap the cold glow of screens for the calming embrace of nature. Take a brisk walk in the crisp air, breathe in the scent of fallen leaves, and let the silence soothe your soul. Remember, there’s beauty in the season beyond the commercial frenzy.
  • Treat yourself to a digital detox: Put down your phone, switch off the TV, and reconnect with yourself. Curl up with a good book, listen to relaxing music, or savor a cup of tea in quiet contemplation. Give your mind a break from the constant pinging and buzzing, and rediscover the inner peace that lies within.

Nourish Your Body and Mind:

  • Ditch the holiday stress-eating: Instead of reaching for sugary treats and processed goodies, whip up a nourishing dish that delights your senses and fuels your well-being. Think vibrant salads packed with seasonal produce, warm soups tantalizing your taste buds, or healthy snacks like yogurt with berries and granola. Nourish your body with goodness, and it will reward you with energy and resilience.
  • Move your body with joy: Forget the pressure of “holiday workouts.” Find activities you enjoy, like dancing to your favorite playlist, taking a leisurely yoga class, or simply stretching in the morning sunlight. Move your body in a way that feels good, not grueling. When you move with joy, you’ll boost your mood, reduce stress, and feel energized for the day ahead.

Spark Your Inner Child:

  • Reconnect with old hobbies: Did you used to love painting? Writing? Baking? Dust off those passions and indulge in a creative project that returns you to that carefree feeling. Let your inner child loose and explore, whether crafting festive decorations, writing a silly poem, or whipping up a batch of your grandma’s famous cookies.
  • Embrace silly traditions: Remember that time you built a snowman with mismatched socks for eyes? Revive those quirky, lighthearted moments that add a touch of genuine joy to the season. Start a new tradition, like decorating the fridge with homemade ornaments or building a pillow fort for family movie nights. Laughter is the best medicine, and a little silliness can significantly reduce stress and foster connection.
Remember, self-care isn’t selfish; it’s essential. By prioritizing your well-being, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the holiday season’s ups and downs with patience, kindness, and joy. And if you find yourself struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, or holiday blues, reach out for professional help.
At Tri-Star Counseling, we’re here to support you during the holidays and beyond. Our experienced therapists can provide you with tools and strategies to manage stress, set healthy boundaries, and navigate challenging relationships.
Remember, taking care of yourself isn’t just a gift to you but to everyone around you. So, this holiday season, let self-care be your guiding star. Shine brightly, embrace the joy, and remember, you deserve to feel your best every day of the year.
Happy Holidays from Tri-Star Counseling!
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Brent Metcalf, LCSW

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