From Summer Stress to Summer Bests: Tips for Navigating the Sunny Season


Summer can be ripe for creating meaningful experiences if you set some balanced expectations ahead of time and take full advantage of all the season has to offer!

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Summer, perhaps more than any other season, is endlessly glamorized in books, TV, and movies. And as a kid, summer stands apart for one big reason: school’s out! But as an adult, summer might come with some pressure. Chances are good you’re still working, it’s hot outside, and, if you have kids, having them at home can be an adjustment.

That said, with a little planning, meaningful summer experiences are within reach! Read on to have the BEST SUMMER EVER!!! (Or at least…a summer to remind you why there’s so much hype around the sunniest season!)

Allow yourself time to adjust

Maybe you’re even going into this summer excited, ready to make the most of it. But as the weather warms up and the last school bell rings…it’s normal for there to be an adjustment period. Especially if you do have kids and your regular school schedule shifts to swim lessons or day camp, just allow yourself some transition time – sunny days are ahead!

Plan for a balance of work and play

If you plan to play all summer long, you might end up disappointed. Even as schedules change, some of our responsibilities still need our attention. By planning for a balanced schedule, you leave room for adding that summer course you need to complete your credits or that root canal you’ve been putting off until work slows down. Summer’s more fun with balanced expectations. 

Take advantage of summer-specific activities

So now, you’ve gotten to the fun part. Are you taking a beach vacation? Planning a big barbecue family reunion? Many communities host events specifically in the summer…and more often than not they’re free! So even if your budget is too tight for travel, why not take advantage of that concert in the park series or library summer reading program? Or is there a hobby you’ve been wanting to make more time for? What better time than when you’ve got more daylight?

Channel your inner child

Last and maybe most important…think about what makes summer special in the first place – specifically, what makes it special to you? Oftentimes, great summer memories are rooted in childhood. So what made your childhood summers so special? Was it running through the sprinkler? Or playing kickball with the neighborhood kids? Just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t do those things! Run through the sprinkler with your kids or invite the neighbors over for kickball! Or, even if your childhood summers left something to be desired, tapping into what that kid who still exists inside all of us needs may lead to meaningful fun!

Wrapping it up

Still got the summer blues? At Tri-Star Counseling, we can help you tap into, and move forward from, whatever might be holding you back. Schedule an appointment for brighter days ahead!

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