Cultivating Gratitude: Beyond the Journal


Gratitude journaling is great, but if it’s starting to get stale, try these ideas for cultivating even more gratitude in your life.

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If you’ve done even the most basic Google search on how to cultivate gratitude, chances are good you’ve read about gratitude journaling…and it’s a great practice! Drawing attention to the good in life by jotting it down on the page with any number of exercises is a great way to focus on the positive and bring more of those vibes into your day-to-day life.

But say you’re already an expert at gratitude journaling. Or maybe you’re just looking to mix things up a little? Read on for ideas to help develop an attitude of gratitude beyond the journal.

Write thank you notes

Just had a birthday? A graduation? A wedding? A baby? Chances are good you probably got some gifts, spent time with good company, or both! In the midst of our busy lives, it might be hard to find time to sit down and write a handwritten note, but doing so is an easy practice to not only cultivate your own gratitude, but make your loved ones and top supporters feel good too! 

Make a game of saying what you’re thankful for

And it doesn’t even have to be Thanksgiving! After sitting down to dinner with family, during a meeting with co-workers, or before a team practice are all great times to take turns being grateful – no matter how big, small, or silly the objects of that gratitude might be!

Call someone you’re thankful for

Go ahead, gush, and tell them so! Or not! Either way, the simple practice of chatting with someone you’re thankful for will likely give you a big boost on the path to cultivating your own gratitude – and maybe help cultivate theirs too!

Look for places that cultivate gratitude for you

Maybe it’s been a tough day, and gratitude is tougher than ever to cultivate. It happens to all of us, but when it does…look around! Whether it’s the blossoms on the trees by your office, the view on your favorite stretch of road to drive down, or the overall coziness of your own living room, there’s likely a physical place or space to boost your gratitude even when you can’t!

Say thank you!

It’s not just good manners! Saying thank you (and meaning it!) is probably the easiest and purest way to cultivate gratitude with each connection we make every day.

Wrapping it up:

So THANK YOU for reading this blog! And since you’re interested in cultivating a gratitude mindset…why not let one of our experienced therapists at Tri-Star Counseling help you out? We’re ready to assist with breaking down any barriers on your path towards a more grateful life.

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