Building Resilience: How to Bounce Back in Hard Times


With practical tools and easy practices (and a little extra vulnerability if times get really tough) you can build resilience to bounce back from any challenge or setback.

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If only every day went just the way we planned – free from setbacks or unexpected challenges. But especially these days, when one glance at our texts or emails might shift even the best laid plans in an instant, resilience – or the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties – seems more important than ever. 

So how do we go with the flow when life decides to throw rocks in our stream?

Practice healthy habits

As they say…life happens. Some days it’s harder to take care of ourselves than others, But on days when the living is good, we can prepare ourselves for the harder days by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and moving our bodies. Even on harder days, prioritizing healthy habits as much as possible can help us to stay strong no matter what comes our way. 

Build a support system

There’s a reason so many sports are team sports! By surrounding ourselves with trusted people whose strengths, weaknesses, and insights complement our own, we’re automatically in better shape to bounce back from whatever life throws our way. So whether it be through a literal team sport, church group, knitting club…you name it! Get out in your community and build a support system to be that much more resilient. 

Instead of avoiding, know the tools you need to make a plan under pressure

As much as it might feel better to avoid challenges or setbacks in the short term, in the long term, stress over avoiding a challenge at hand might only set us back further. So whether it’s by jotting down thoughts in a journal, thinking aloud to a member of your support system, or by simply taking a deep breath and counting to ten, figure out the tools that will help you to make a plan under pressure and face problems as efficiently as you can. 

Take time to relax

Celebrate your wins (which – let’s be honest – might just be making it through some days!) by winding down with whatever helps you relax: a hot bath, an episode of a favorite TV show, or time with family or pets can help us be just as resilient for whatever challenges tomorrow might hold. Or maybe you had an especially busy day that has you screeching towards the finish line? A quick mindfulness practice like meditation or yoga might take you from wheezing to breathing easy again.

Ask for help

Sometimes, life gets even the most resilient people down. In times when tips like these aren’t enough to get us back on track, mental health professionals can help with identifying and freeing ourselves from any unseen barriers that might be standing in our path. Not only is there no shame in asking for help…it might just be the ultimate act of resilience!

Wrapping it up

So if life’s got you down, don’t go it alone! Schedule an appointment at Tri-Star Counseling, where our excellent counselors and therapists are ready to support you on your journey to bouncing back, feeling happier, and being ready to conquer any of the unwelcome surprises that life loves to test us with. You can do it, and we can help!

Brent Metcalf, LCSW

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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