Beyond Resolutions: Building a 2024 that Feels Good, One Micro-Victory at a Time


Forget “shoulds,” embrace “wants.” This year, let’s set goals that make us happy, not hangry.

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Hey friends, therapists, and fellow humans clinging to their sanity after the holiday food coma. It’s January, that magical time when we all collectively swear off pizza, vow to learn Swahili, and plan to become Olympic-level yogis. Then, by February, we’re back to our regular carb-loving selves, muttering “namaste” to our cats, and realizing the only medal we’re winning is for “Most Creative Excuse to Skip the Gym.”

But this year, let’s break the cycle. No more setting ourselves up for failure with grand gestures that fizzle faster than a sparkler in a puddle. Instead, let’s talk about realistic goals you can actually achieve in 2024, the kind that bring a smile to your face, not a fist to your forehead.

1. Baby Steps, Big Wins:

Think of your goals like climbing Mount Everest. Not starting by yeeting yourself to the peak, right? We’re talking base camp first, friends. Small, actionable steps that build momentum and confidence. Want to improve your communication skills? Start by saying “good morning” with a genuine smile to one person each day. Boom, progress!

2. Ditch the Shoulds, Embrace the Wants:

“I should exercise more,” is the villain whispering self-loathing in your ear. Let’s swap that for, “I want to feel strong and energized.” When you connect goals to your desires, they become less like chores and more like adventures. So ditch the “shoulds” and embrace the “wants.” Your inner rebel will thank you.

3. Celebrate the Micro-Victories:

Reached for a piece of fruit instead of cookies? High five! Conquered that morning anxiety without a Xanax? Do a victory dance (even if it’s just a happy wiggle in your chair). Recognizing and celebrating small wins fuels the fire to keep going. Plus, it’s way more fun than beating yourself up for not conquering your Everest in a week.

4. Be Kind to Yourself (aka the No-Judgment Zone):

Let’s face it, life throws curveballs like a pitcher with a vendetta. Some days, just getting out of bed feels like an Olympic feat. So be kind to yourself, my friend. If you miss a workout, reschedule. If you eat your weight in pizza (we’ve all been there), forgive yourself and grab some kale… tomorrow. Your mental health matters more than any six-pack, remember?

Bonus Tip:

Don’t go it alone! Working with a therapist can help you identify your values, set realistic goals, and build the tools to crush them. (Ahem, shameless plug for Tri-Star Counseling here. No pressure, just sayin’ ).

Wrapping It Up

Remember, this isn’t about achieving some societal ideal of perfection. It’s about building a life that feels good, a life you can be proud of, one small step at a time. So go forth, my friends, set those goals, celebrate your wins (big and small), and be kind to yourselves along the way. And if you need a cheerleader in your corner, well, we’re just a phone call away at Tri-Star Counseling. Let’s make 2024 the year we crush it together. (But like, in a relaxed, stress-free kind of way.)

Ready to ditch the New Year’s nonsense and make 2024 your year of awesome? Click here to schedule an appointment with Tri-Star Counseling, and let’s make your goals a reality!

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Brent Metcalf, LCSW

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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