5 Everyday Ways to Stay Moving and Mentally Healthy (Even When You’re Too Tired to Exercise)


Exercise doesn’t always have to mean hitting the gym. If a busy week has you slowing down, try these tips to stay moving even as you take some time to relax.

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If you’re reading this blog, chances are good you’re already thinking about your mental health enough to know that exercising can be your ticket to not only being healthier, but feeling happier. That said, we all know that sometimes…life just gets busy! After a hard week at work or school, even the most fulfilling exercise routines might seem out of reach. And in that case…no problem! Staying on the move can be possible (even fun!) if our exercise routines get a little off. 

So get creative with these easy ideas to stay in motion, and you may end up so rested that you’re ready to workout even harder than before.

Go bowling

A night out with friends can still be a chance to move your body if you hit the local lanes! Chances are good you’ll work out your arms and your legs without it feeling like “work” at all.

Play catch

Too tired to leave the house? Toss a ball around! Every little bit counts and whether it’s with your partner, your kids, or your dogs…you can keep your hand eye-coordination sharp and body fit. (Just maybe throw in the opposite direction of that big screen TV…)

Walk your dog

One of the great things about dogs? They have to go outside a couple of times a day even when you feel sleepy. And once you’ve got the leash out anyway, why not loop the block?

Take the stairs

Here’s one for anywhere with more than two floors and anyone who’s able: stay away from that elevator button and take a chance to get a leg workout just by going from point A to point B.

Have a dance party

We all have those days when our Netflix account just wins out. If the sun is setting, and you find that somehow you haven’t left your couch all day, it might be time to set a timer, crank the music, and move your body. In this case…what makes you silly might also make you stronger!

Wrapping it up

Looking for more ideas to stay on the move? Or the motivation to exercise in the first place? Our friendly therapists at Tri-Star Counseling can help you take your mind-body connection to new levels! Schedule an appointment today for personalized support on your fitness journey.

Brent Metcalf, LCSW

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

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